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What is a Mobile Site

The Cyber world is soon going to be governed by Android phones and tablets. With this emerging trend, having a Mobile website in addition to the usual (desktop) website has become a necessity for your business. Mobile site development assures better outreach and enhanced user experience of your web presence, for which you need efficient Mobile site developers.

Our Company’s Approach for Mobile Web Development

Our team of professional and skilled developers uses highly integrated technologies for an effective mobile web development.

Our approach to include:

  • Key Information Identification
  • Information Architecting
  • Design Process
  • Technical Process
  • Testing
  • Final Launch

The features which our developers provide are:

Basic mobile features

  • Tap2Call
  • Tap2SMS
  • Tap2Email
  • Tap2Email
  • Text with / Single images
  • List of items

M-commerce features

  • Online shop format
  • Password protection
  • Mobile coupon availability
  • Pay button
  • Loyalty programs

Multimedia features

  • Videos (from sites like Youtube, Vine, etc)
  • Channel integration with the video sites
  • Image gallery (uploaded or from image sites like Flickr, Picasa, etc)
  • Google Map inclusion
  • Mobile ads

Social Media feature

  • Social networking sites integration
  • Event calendar
  • Wordpress integration
  • Reviews
  • Mobile Website: Staying Responsive

Benefits of Mobile Website development

Having a mobile website for many is the second stage to bettering their outreach to more target audience, but still many others count on it while launching their digital presence full-fledged. Here are reasons for this thought-

  • Easy portability
  • Quick Loading and less waiting time
  • Improved User experience
  • Geo- targeting your audience
  • Click to call
  • SEO friendly
  • Brand popularity
  • Competitive edge
  • Better advertising

If you are not sure why and when you should take the mobile development services, you are most welcome, to share your worries. The ensuing discussion would hold the key to the most apt solution to your requirement.